G.S. Merano 06/06/1965 - 05/12/2016.

Gianfranco Sigismondi can be defined as a photographer wandering.
Wandering because his portfolio incorporates a wide range of styles, developed during a long and varied career with the camera.

He began as a photojournalist in Cuba (August 1985) making portraits of children and young Cubans.

Between 1987 and 1992 he was based in Milan collaborating with fashion models agencies and creating covers for independent disco music labels: including Rich in Paradise by the FPI PROJECT.
He directed an editorial for the magazine Esquire Italy, and became interested in male portraits.

In 1993 he returned to Merano to open a photo studio and start collaborations with various companies, advertising in the local food industry and creating advertising campaigns in magazines with national circulation (LEspresso, Grazia, Donna Moderna, Amica, etc).

From 2003 he dedicated himself exclusively to his research, preferring to use black and white imagery and using as subjects portraits, still lifes and landscapes. In this period he focussed especially in a series of pictures of flowers titled Suprema Lux and in a photostory of the old village of Erto, destroyed in the landslide of 1963 and left abandoned.

Since 2004 he has collaborated with video production studios as a stills photographer in Bolzano and Munich, including: a Studio Film TV production by Lucio Rosa, RE-project by Roberto Condotta with Archeoparc: a door to the past and an FR Entertainment Mnchen production by Florian Reimann: Das Mrchen von der Prinzessin . He collaborated also with Lux-Vide of Roma as stills photographer for the TV fiction "Un passo dal cielo 3".

In 2009 he completed a project in a disused Ammunition Depot of the Italian Army, naming the series finita.

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